My 9/11 story

Everyone who is old enough to remember 9/11 has a 9/11 story.  Mine is about this guy, my husband, Mark and what he did for me after that day.  Mark and I were in Las Vegas, I had tagged along on an important business trip.  We left our kids with my mom and dad ( we very rarely did this) and we were having a wonderful time.  I was due to return home on the 13, Mark on the 14th.  On the morning of the 11th, we ordered room service and Mark jumped in the shower.  I turned on the Today show and got the shock of my life.  As were were several hour behind, most of the events of that morning had already taken place.  I frantically called my parents and like many other people my first instinct was to have them go get our kids from school.  Dad assured me they were fine and safe where they were.  Then he asked me what I thought was a strange question” Did you rent a car?” and I told him we did, and then he said ” Go get the keys and get back on the phone” and I did, and then “Don’t let those keys out of our sight, you’re going to need them”  By the time Mark got out of the shower, I was almost done packing.  We decided to go look for the other people we were traveling with and much to my surprise we found them in the hotel dining room, eating breakfast.  We asked what everyone was doing to get home and the consensus was that they were all going to wait it out in Vegas, until they could fly home. I remember saying to Mark ” I have to go now, I have to know I am on my way back to our children” and he said “Let’s go”  and we went.  Those first few hours on the road were terrifying- my brother in law, who worked just blocks from the towers had not been heard from yet, and my sister was more than anxious.  On the way out of Vegas, Mark stopped for supplies- a case of water, toilet paper, granola bars, which scared the hell out me because I was thinking that it would be a really bad scenario if we actually needed all that stuff.  We drove for several hours, it was a quiet, scary drive with erie empty skies and our first stop was  someplace in Colorado.  That night, in the very crowded hotel bar, everyone was talking to everyone else, there were no strangers there, just a room full of scared Americans.  When we finally opened our suitcase that night the room service plates were on top- food still on them.  I was serious about getting out of Vegas in a hurry.  For the next several days, we drove, and drove and drove (and by we drove, I mean Mark drove, I didn’t drive one mile, I was not capable), listening to talk radio (not my cup of tea).  Other cars on the road, when the saw the Nevada plates, honked and waved at us.  It was incredible.  On Friday, just before the school bus arrived, we pulled into our neighborhood and I turned to Mark and said ” I will never forget that you did this for me, that you drove me all the way home when you could have waited and flied home”  And I never have.  Ironically, the people we were traveling with got back about the same time we did, they flew out on Friday.  But they had to fly! And they had to sit around and wait while I knew that I was doing something to get home to my family.  Whenever I see “Never Forget” of course I always think of the terrible events of that day and all that was lost and I’m also reminded to never forget to be grateful for a husband who did exactly what his wife needed him to do. img_0241

Source: My 9/11 story

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  1. Wendy Rockman says:

    I don’t think any of us can forget that day…..and there are many stories of that day.
    I remember I got a phone call from my friend who asked if I had been watching tv……I asked what channel to which she responded..”it doesn’t matter…just turn in the tv “.
    I fell to the floor. Robert (my husband) was traveling from Florida to NYC for a one day business trip. At the immediate time we knew nothing about the flights. For what seemed like an eternity I had no idea if he was on one of those planes.
    Finally heard from him…..his plane was forced to circle and not allowed to land in New York….he watched the 2nd plane hit the towers. He and his associate finally were diverted to Rhode Island. I told them to get off the phone and rent a car. They headed home that very moment.

    My father in law worked near the seaport in the city. He had gone in late after watching the giants game the not before. His path train was the last one to make it safely that came in under the towers. He and one of his coworkers had to walk across one of the bridges to finally find transportation home.

    I am so grateful that both made it home safely. ..I can never forget the absolute terror I felt that day. I called the school and asked them to let our daughter know her daddy and pappy were safe. I could not wait to get her home and hug her.

    That day/time will never be forgotten…….it is seared in my memory and my heart.

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    1. joservesitup says:

      I had no idea Rob was in the air then! I know tomorrow will be a hard day, sending love to you all. And, thank you for reading and commenting.


  2. WENDY ROCKMAN says:

    It was a hard day for everyone in our country….our lives have never been the same. What breaks my heart is that a lot of our children only know this reality.
    We’ve watched some footage….I still cry. Thinking of you and your family… you ❤.

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  3. Mark Anderson says:

    I will never forget the amazing scenery of that drive, against a totally cloudless blue sky on I-70: From AZ through CO, KC, St Louis, Indianapolis, all the jets still grounded in the airport at Columbus where my boss was stranded (he rejected the offer to drive him home), past Wheeling, Pittsburgh, not realizing we were driving within 10 miles of Shanksville, PA and what was left of flight 93, and finally arriving home in Bethlehem PA. Pulling in the driveway after making it from AZ in 3 days, and hugging my kids. I remember hearing my brother-in-law was safe and thanking God. Thanking God our friend Tracy, who lost over 70 coworkers, was up town that day and not in the towers. The president of my company and his wife were buying a Krispy Kreme doughnut at ground level in Tower 1 when the plane first plane hit.

    Somewhere in CO we passed a state trouper in the median. I had the speedometer in the Volvo wagon pegged. He just waved. On every overpass was a flag. Jojo and I cried and talked. A lot of things changed that day. A great deal of our freedom was given up in the name of higher security. For our generation there will always be the world before 9-11 and the world after. I am glad I had a good taste of the world before 9-11. I thank my wife for all the blessings and the ability she had to find the right words to explain things to our kids. Words without hate, words without fear. Words that never lost their faith that good triumphs over evil.


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