Serving up zepole! 
Twenty five plus years ago I sat behind a desk on Wall Street, living the fast paced lifestyle of New York City finance in the 1980’s and early 90’s. At 29 years old, I took a leap of faith, left my desk job, and enrolled in the French Culinary institute and the Sommelier Society of America. By no strange coincidence, or maybe it was a sign I had made the right choice,  a few weeks later I met my now husband of almost 25 years in a bar called Tierney’s Tavern.

Fast forward those twenty five years (and it sure has gone by fast) so much has happened, and so many things have changed.  With each new chapter I’ve tried to see God’s plan for me, and move forward with courage in faith and commitment to experiencing  all life has to offer, always enjoying being with, and laughing with, the people I love. And how could I forget, always great food!

I love to serve others through my love for cooking, and you will find some of my favorite recipes, as well as my favorite memories here. I also love to explore others’ cooking. From the growing restaurant scene in the little Lehigh Valley to trips to visit friends in more bustling cities, I love to write my own reviews for each new place I visit. With my culinary background, I think I offer a unique perspective on the restaurant experience, from a chef’s point of view. Not to mention, I’m never one to sugarcoat it! If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know I never hesitate to tell it like it is. And I think most of the time that leads to some pretty great laughs.

 More so than ever in recent years, I’ve paid more attention to how much there is to be grateful for in life. When days can sometimes become a busy blur, I’ve realized how important it is to take time to recognize and reflect on the many things in life I have, and we all have, to be grateful for. I hope to share some of my reflection on those thoughts here, and maybe they will inspire you to think about what you are grateful for, too. 
The inspiration to start this blog came from  a book I hope to write someday. It will chronicle the diverse, yet somehow magically and shockingly related experiences of serving both nuns and fraternity boys. Not to mention, it will feature some of my favorite recipes for large groups. While I still journey through those two worlds, and work towards filling the pages of that book, this blog will serve as a temporary home for the many stories they give to me.  You can get a sense here of what you will read when “From Heaven to Hell in the Kitchen, My Life with the Sisters and the Brothers” is published -someday.