Penis Bananas and crinkle cut fries

It only took me a few days to realize that working in a frat house was going to have its challenges.  A lot of them.  Many of those first days, and even weeks, I would show up to the kitchen and exactly nothing would be clean.  There would be no pots clean, no knives clean,…

Save the airfare? Molinari’s review.

One of the tag lines  Molinari’s, an Italian restaurant on Bethlehem’s south side, uses is “save the airfare”, implying that the food at Molinari’s is just as good as the food in Italy.  I’ve eaten my way around Italy, so here’s my take on that!! I’ve been to Molinari’s about half a dozen times, my…

How did I get here?

I left my job as executive Chef at the St. Francis Center for Renewal in the late spring of ’05.  It was a really hard thing to do, I love those nuns and I love that place, still.  But Mark was traveling all week and I was working all weekend, and that left little time…

First you fry a little garlic

When my grandmother, Josephine, was getting up there in years- way up there- my sisters and I thought it would be a good idea to start asking her for her recipes.  Of course, we understood that none of them would have measurements, or the exact ingredients, but we thought we could figure that out from…

My 9/11 story

Everyone who is old enough to remember 9/11 has a 9/11 story.  Mine is about this guy, my husband, Mark and what he did for me after that day.  Mark and I were in Las Vegas, I had tagged along on an important business trip.  We left our kids with my mom and dad (…


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Life as a frat chef

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